City of Colton Electric Utility

Your Neighborhood, Your City, Your Power. This headline is the focal point of this brands message, and is central to their awareness advertising campaign.

Brand Identity

GA created the entire identity and brand messaging to support this utility’s need to impress among their customers that their power source is local, approachable, and directly tied to the health of their community. GA created an entire set of local iconography to support the visuals allowing customers to see the utility as conscious of their needs and proactive to their concerns.


For Colton’s Electric Utility, we needed to devise a set of graphical assets that would serve the goals of representing the community, representing the Utility’s values, and reinforcing the message that Colton’s Electric Utility is a local, publicly-owned entity. To that end, we started with a bright, energetic color palette derived from the Utility’s existing logo and added gradients to provide richness. All the illustrations make use of rounded corners and simplified, flat geometry with an emphasis on clearly-defined silhouettes and minimal details. The resulting illustration set is friendly, diverse, and easy to adapt to a broad range of communication vehicles for the Utility’s needs.

Print Design

The city of Colton is a bilingual community, and they need to ensure that everybody has the same level of access to information about the Utility’s programs and services. To that end, we design all of Colton’s print materials with a clear hierarchy to make both languages accessible without over-complicating the overall look of each piece.

Social Media

Colton Electric uses social media to keep their customers up-to-date with what’s going on with the Utility and for community engagement. We can employ our large library of design assets to create social media images for any occasion.


The illustration style we developed for Colton was easy to adapt to animations that can be used on social media to draw special attention to certain promotions or messages, and to create informative videos that explain critical programs or general utility information.

Residential Rebates Animation Preview