Reliable Concrete Accessories

Reliable Concrete Accessories (RCA) manufactures and distributes disposable fabric blankets used for curing concrete for both indoor and outdoor projects like flooring for big box stores and highway bridges. These products are relatively new to the market and require good design and communication to make contractors aware of them as an option for their projects.

Brand Identity

In addition to a logo that represents the flexibility of the RCA’s ReliableCure blankets, Green Acres has built a group of brand assets to use across multiple communication vehicles. Included in these assets is an illustrated mascot, “Reli Able”, who gives a personal face to the brand in addition to serving as a spokesperson and teacher in educational pieces design to the use and features of the ReliableCure products.

Print Design

The primary market for ReliableCure products needs straightforward and easily comprehensible presentation of the product’s highlighted features and technical data. To that end, our designs for RCA are focused on clean presentation of the technical info with clear, informative photography. We also develop event-related materials as needed.

Booth Design

RCA needed a simple set of reusable and modular elements that could be used for making a booth at various trade shows. Branding was centered around a serpentine wall backdrop and front podium/counter, with simple brand messaging that could be enhanced by the print collateral, video, and other content distributed throughout the booth

Trade Show booth mockup

Website Design

The main focus of the RCA website is information. Because their ReliableCure products are new to the market, it was critical to design a site that made it easy to learn about the products, understand the difference between product lines, and access a library of resources about the products’ features, benefits, and usage.


GA wrote, directed, produced, and animated several “How-To” animations for Reliable Concrete Accessories. The content was created as part of a larger communication strategy to make the highlighted product more understandable as well as direct the end-users in how to use the product on a job-site. The animations were published on multiple platforms ranging from placement in their “How-to Section” of the client’s website to integration into the client’s social media strategy. Designed to highlight the features of the actual product, these animations introduced these attributes in a fun and entertaining way while reinforcing the brand identity of Reliable Concrete Accessories.