Sherfab was founded in 1977 with the vision of supplying the small fabricator with quality materials at a reasonable price. In addition, assisting the fabricator with technical expertise and industry-leading customer service.

Website Design

The primary function of Sherfab’s website is to serve as an online retail platform. Our goals were to design a site that made the products attractive and easy to find while reducing unnecessary barriers to placing orders. We also included modular areas of the site that can be updated with variable content like promotions, highlighted products, clearance sales, and similar, which allow the site to be reactive to changes in the marketplace. In addition to these design choices, we use analytics about user behavior on the site to further improve its usability. 

Print Design

Part of Sherfab’s engagement with their customers is appealing to individual hobbists and DIY fabricators, so we developed a “What’cha Workin’ On?” campaign to reach this audience. Handouts and promotional signage were made for Sherfab to distribute at their physical retail location, and those print materials integrate with sales on the website and promotions on their social media platforms.

Social Media

Social media allows us to engage with Sherfab’s DIY audience by building a sense of community centered around their hobby work, including customer highlights and contests with giveaways. These platforms can also be used to promote sales and other incentives on the Sherfabe retail website.

Sherfab Instagram Posts
Product Label

In the realm of composites manufacture and distribution, many products are packaged with nondescript, generic labels. We knew this was an opportunity to reinforce the brand, so we undertook the task of designing branded label templates that Sherfab could use on all of their various product containers.