Redlands Spine & Sport

Redlands Spine and Sport (RSS) is a full-service multi-disciplinary wellness team. RSS helps its clients create pathways to recovery and improved performance. As a team, each expert helps to analyze client needs–working together they develop individualized plans to achieve maximum results. Green Acres has enjoyed developing their brand and all of the associated deliverables. The overall look is clean, dynamic, and has a contemporary feel that represents the brand as fresh, friendly, professional and approachable.

Website Design

RSS is a business that appeals to multiple markets, including individuals looking to improve their athletic performance to retirees looking to live actively and comfortably. Their website is designed with these markets in mind, and uses clean and simple navigation to guide users to the content they’re looking for.

Print Design

Various pieces of promotional and informative collateral were designed with the same goals as the RSS website – appeal to a broad range of clients with a strong emphasis on making the information easy to find and digest. Iconography was developed for RSS’ services to make them easily identifiable and consistent between web and print. 

Redlands Spine & Sport Brochure