The Energy Lab

We have worked with The Energy Lab for nearly a decade, and have watched, cheered, and helped them grow from a personal trainer, to a boutique fitness studio, and now a producer of online classes. They are consistently trying new ways to promote the gym and giving us new problems to solve.

Brand Identity

Community and wellness are at the heart of this brand. Radiating from the original mark, all of the brand elements created for this studio follow the same messaging ideals: fun, energetic, and dynamic. Extensions of the brand have all revolved deeply around the gym’s community and the importance of that connection through dedicated social media outlets and consistent cutting-edge presentation of their philosophy and methods. 

Web Design

We used WordPress and Mindbody to create a site that had the energy and community warmth of the gym, but allowed their clients to easily find and sign up for classes.

Promotional T-shirts

Over our long relationship with The Energy Lab, we have had the opportunity to work on dozens of T-shirts designs that expand the brand, resonate with their community, and provide inspirational touchpoints.