TWR Framing

TWR has consistently been one of the west's largest framers in the residential home building industry. For nearly two decades, Green Acres has helped TWR express their brand with design work for everything from their website/online presence, promotional hand-outs, to event collateral.

Micro Sales Site

TWR wanted a tool its sales team could use to easily explain their value proposition to prospective clients. We created a rich but straightforward animated micro-site that guides the prospective clients through all the key components of what makes TWR an attractive contractor to homebuilders in southern California.

Website Design

This fully-dynamic site acts as an online portfolio for TWR framing, giving an overview of all features, benefits, services, and safety practices.

Unpacking TWR Video Series

This five-part video series goes through how TWR stands out from other framers. The focus was on creating a clean infographic-driven animation style that would clearly lead viewers through each episode.

The History of TWR

The History of TWR is told through this video series, depicting the life of their mascot, “Lil’ Elvis”. Our goal with this project was to take advantage of the Lil’ Elvis character to create a visual story with personality and humor while still conveying key moments in TWR’s history and how they relate to the company’s current success.